About Us

Eva and Joseph, Artisan Vinegar Brewers

The dream of hand-crafting apple cider vinegar began when Joseph traveled to Herefordshire, England to study cider and vinegar brewing from English Master Brewers. 

After learning traditional methods of brewing cider and vinegar, Joseph planted vintage apple orchards on our Rockbridge County, Virginia Homestead.  Our orchards are “Certified Naturally Grown”, that means NO synthetic chemicals or pesticides are used on our trees.

When the orchards started to bear apples, Eva and Joseph hand-built a Vinegar Brewery.  We were finally ready to launch our business - Rockbridge Cider Vinegar.  Our mission is to craft high-quality apple cider vinegar and to nurture “Earth Friendly” orchards. 

By following traditional brewing methods, we hand-craft a mild-flavored apple cider vinegar that is all natural.  We would love to share our delicious, traditionally-brewed apple cider vinegar with you.