I work with an online organization called, “World Wide Opportunity On Organic Farms” (WWOOF).  The organization connects people who are interested in learning about regenerative and organic farming and gardening with farmers.

I’ve been hosting WWOOF volunteers for eight years.  I provide room and board and they volunteer their labor for around 20 hours a week.  They usually stay for two or three weeks at a time.  They live in a fully furnished Tiny House I’ve built on the farm. 

They work in the gardens, in the orchards, and in our Vinegar Brewery.  They also assist me in selling apple cider vinegar at farmers markets and festivals. 

They get their hands dirty weeding, planting vegetables, repairing fencing, pruning apple trees, processing apples into vinegar, working on building projects, etc.  There is so much for them to learn and do every day.

It is such a precious gift to have the opportunity to teach young people how to live a meaningful life through the point of view of regenerative farming and organic orcharding.   

They come from all over the country eager to learn and to intimately experience the natural world.  By living and working on the farm and in the orchards with me, I help them on their path of self-discovery.