Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is as close to a miracle food as you can get!

For thousands of years, ACV has been valued for a variety of uses. In ancient Egypt it was used for cooking, for preserving food and for adding to drinking water.  During the middle ages and up to the American Civil War, ACV was an important disinfectant to treat wounds and to flavor and soften meat.

Today, in addition to its value as an essential ingredient in cooking, we also value apple cider vinegar as a natural skin and hair care product, to relieve stomach upsets and muscle cramps, to lessen allergy symptoms, and in many other ways.  You'll be amazed if you do an online search for “ACV Benefits”.

Here at Rockbridge Cider Vinegar, we find new uses for ACV every day!   We are proud to offer this versatile product and to do our small part in fostering the ancient tradition of handcrafted, Apple Cider Vinegar.