The Art of Vinegar

The taste, fragrance and color of a premium apple cider vinegar is like a work of art.

They say that a work of art is never really finished. The artist just has to finally decide that the artwork is the very best he/she can do. That is also true when crafting Rockbridge Cider Vinegar! There is quite a bit of chemistry and biology involved in making vinegar, but deciding when the vinegar is ready is up to the brewer's subjective opinion.

Brewing apple juice into (alcoholic) Hard Cider is an art all by itself with a very long history. However, transforming a quality Hard Cider into a delicious Apple Cider Vinegar is a uniquely different kind of Art with its own traditions and history.

By carefully combining the ancient traditions of crafting hard cider with the traditions of crafting apple cider vinegar, we finally come to an artistic decision that this is the very best premium vinegar that we can produce.

What are the artistic standards of a premium apple cider vinegar? It must have a soft flavor on the tongue – only mildly acidic. It should have a distinctive apple aroma. And it should have a light, amber color that will mellow with age.

Only when the taste, fragrance and color meet our artistic standards, will we put our label on the bottle.