Starting Something New!

We are partners in a new business venture here on the farm!  The new venture is called, “House Mountain Herb Farm” and it will compliment what we do at Rockbridge Cider Vinegar.

Our business partner is Jenna Hill.  She is an herbalist and a grower of medicinal herbs.  Jenna will be growing and selling medicinal herbs that were discovered and used by Native Americans here in Virginia.  She has already planted Ginseng in a nursery bed and has acquired rare, medicinal herb seeds.

Right now, she is preparing the new garden beds in anticipation of an early Spring planting.  She will be incorporating biodynamic gardening methods for soil enrichment. 

We are also building a Hoop Greenhouse for House Mountain Herb Farm to produce medicinal plants for Spring sales and for drying herbs in the Fall.

As I said, House Mountain Herb Farm will be a wonderful compliment to Rockbridge Cider Vinegar.  We are going to expand what we offer by infusing medicinal herbs into our apple and pear vinegars.  And the herbs will be grown right here on the farm.   

We are really excited about this!  Wish us luck, as our new business partnership takes off!