Preparing for a New Brewing Season

We are getting ready for another apple cider vinegar brewing season! 

There is quite a bit of preparation needed before the season begins.  In some ways, crafting apple cider vinegar is all about preparation. 

For example, we must prepare long in advance to make sure we have assistants lined up to help with processing the fruit.  The vinegar brewery must be scrubbed and polished.  All the fermentation vessels need to be cleaned and disinfected.  The supplies that contribute to a successful fermentation have to be ordered – organic yeast, yeast nutrient, food-grade disinfectant, new acid test kits, new airlocks, new caps, new bottles, new labels, new rubber gloves and masks, and even new aprons!  Not to mention new music CD’s!

Our equipment must also be tested to make sure everything is running smoothly for the first day of grinding and pressing apples.  Last year, an electrical part burned out on my apple grinder in the middle of grinding several tons of apples!  Fortunately, a friend who has an apple cider winery lent me his apple grinder.  This year, I’m making sure my equipment works perfectly.

Getting ready for our next apple cider vinegar brewing season is exciting!  And the necessary preparations just add to the excitement and to the anticipation of another delicious vintage.