Our New "Tiny House"

We are building a “Tiny House” for our farm and Vinegar Brewery volunteers.

This really is a tiny house. It is only 8 feet wide by 16 feet long (including the porch). But inside that small space it has two lofts for sleeping, a bathroom, a kitchen/living room and a utility closet.

The electricity is supplied by solar power – with the normal electric grid as a backup. There is a 30 gallon water tank and electric water pump inside the utility closet. Heating and cooking fuel is provided from a small propane tank. The kitchen includes a mini-fridge, stove top, sink and storage cabinets.  A portable camping toilet satisfies that essential need. And the gray water from the shower and sink goes into a natural vegetation gray-water-field.

Even though this is a tiny house, it still has all the comforts of a full size house. However, we don't think this tiny house would be very comfortable for someone over 6 feet tall!

We think the new “Tiny House” craze is an exciting housing alternative. Ours serves an important need and we are pretty sure it will be popular with our young and old volunteers.