In the Spring, I walk through the orchards "Listening" to the apple trees with a quiet mind.  This helps me discover what the trees need from day to day.  I especially want to know how the trees are feeling during their vulnerable Spring Season. 

In the Spring, the trees are particularly vulnerable as their blossoms begin to open.  Open blossoms are direct pathways into the interior of the tree.  This means that harmful pathogens (diseases) can more easily infect the tree and insects have easier access to the tender, developing fruit embryos. 

Being quiet and aware as I walk through the orchards helps me tune in to the timing of tree growth, emerging insect life, bacterial life, and the life cycles of viruses, fungi and microbes. 

The world is coming alive in waves and I want to catch those waves by intimately observing the small signs of potential problems, so that I can Holistically manage the overall health of our orchards.  This is similar to sensing the early signs of the common cold, so I can feed my body and my immune system with nutritious foods and herbs to stop the cold before it starts.

I don’t want to just treat problems in the orchards after they happen.  I try to recognize potential health issues and feed the tree’s immune system so the tree can protect itself from insect attacks and diseases.  Tree health and human health should be more about prevention, rather than just treating symptoms after you’re sick.

So, I “Listen” as I walk through the orchards and the trees quietly “Talk” to me.  I “Hear” what they say and then choose management practices that will help them protect themselves.  This is what Holistic Orcharding is all about. 

I’m an Orchard Doctor getting to know my patients, so that I can help them find ways to help themselves from getting sick.