It Takes A Village

Even a small farm and Vinegary like ours requires a lot of year-round work. We can't do it alone – “It takes a village”. And by a “village”, we mean it takes a community of like-minded people working together for a common goal.

From the beginning, our modest apple cider vinegar business has invited young people to join us who are interested in learning about farming, orcharding and vinegar brewing. In exchange for housing and meals, our volunteers contribute their labor. It is a great deal for all of us. And we have met some wonderful, committed young people over the years.

I believe that our apple cider vinegar is special because of the community spirit that contributes to every aspect of our vinegar making. The apple trees are well cared for and bursting with vigor. Our apple cider vinegar is lovingly crafted by hand.  And every bottle is carefully filled and labeled.  We are all passionate about how important it is to grow wholesome food for our family, friends, neighbors and patrons.

And finally, the farm is rich with a variety of wild life because everyone here is committed to an organic and regenerative way of growing fruit, vegetables and herbs. Our whole ecosystem feels like one big family.

We've learned that it takes a village to craft Rockbridge Cider Vinegar!