Certified Naturally Grown

It all begins with a healthy apple tree.

We have two orchards on our farm.  The “South Orchard” was planted 20 years ago.  The “North Orchard” was planted 6 years ago.  Both Orchards are “Certified Naturally grown” (CNG).

CNG is a national organization that certifies small organic farms.  For Rockbridge Cider Vinegar, this means that no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are ever used in our orchards.

Instead of using synthetic chemicals, we feed the trees with organic nutrients to promote their good health.  The trees are individually fed with organic oils, probiotics and sugars.  This nutritious mixture not only feeds the growing trees it also creates a natural barrier to pests, viruses and harmful bacteria.

 A well-fed tree has a stronger immune system.  A healthy apple tree with a strong immune system can naturally resist pests and diseases.

We also feed the orchard soil with minerals and organic matter.  An orchard soil that is rich in micro-nutrients and covered with a mix of grasses and legumes promotes vigor and growth. 

And finally, we chose apple varieties that are well-adapted to the climate in our agricultural region of Virginia.  An apple tree that has adapted to its environment can better resist local pests and diseases.

We believe that our healthy apple trees are the reason why our Rockbridge Cider Vinegar is so wholesome and delicious.