Asian Pear Vinegar Adventure

The first step in our adventure of brewing Asian pear vinegar - from a unique Asian pear called “Autumn Sweet” - is complete!

The Asian pears were washed, sorted, and pressed into juice. The juice was transferred into one gallon glass containers to better control the brewing process.

Then, a “Premier Blanc” yeast was added to the pear juice and airlocks were installed.  The glass containers of Asian pear juice and yeast were put into the “Cider Room” in our Vinegar Brewery and kept at a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The yeast has now converted the sugars in the Asian pear juice into a lovely-tasting alcoholic drink called "Perry".  In England, “Perry” is the name for an alcoholic drink made out of pear juice.

Our next step is to add a special strain of “Mother of Vinegar” to the alcoholic Perry. Over the next few months, the Perry will be magically transformed into ROCKBRIDGE ASIAN PEAR VINEGAR...

Stay tuned!