A Fruit Explorer

I am a fruit explorer.  I drive and hike around my rural county in Virginia during the Spring and Fall Seasons searching for wild apple and pear trees. 

When I find one, I visit the landowner and ask if he or she would like to trade vinegar for the fruit on their wild tree.  They are almost always willing to trade. I’ve met some wonderful people while searching for wild apple and pear trees. 

As a bonus, I sometimes find a delicious Paw Paw or Persimmon tree.  Such amazing treasures by the side of the road, or tucked away in remote fields, or on the edge of a forest!

I collect and ferment the all-natural fruit from these wild trees.  Then, I always return to the landowners with bottles of vinegar to thank them for their generosity. 

Year after year, I return to the same wild trees and discover new ones.  It is a treasure hunt that never grows old for this friendly neighborhood vinegar maker.