A Delicious Vintage!

Wow!  I've tasted the first of this season's Rockbridge Cider Vinegar.  And it is turning out to be a delicious 2019 vintage!

We follow traditional brewing methods and try our best to create the very finest apple cider vinegar.  But until I pour the first of the finished vinegar, I can't be absolutely sure what it will taste like.

Our slow brewing process strongly influences quality and flavor.  I carefully monitor how the fermentation is progressing every day - and that helps, but there are many variables to consider.  Using only natural ingredients usually means that the finished product is wonderful, but things can happen that are beyond our control.

So, I was really pleased that this year's apple cider vinegar is nice and mellow, with a rich apple aroma.  It also has a lovely amber color.  I couldn't be happier!

I look forward to introducing our 2019 vinegar vintage with patrons, friends and family.  After all, the reason we work so hard all year in the orchards and in the Vinegar Brewery is to finally share our delicious and healthful Rockbridge Cider Vinegar.